Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Hitting the Ground Running"

This doesn't really follow the whole "launch into space" metaphor from the first post, but "Hitting the Ground Running" seems to fit appropriately. Maybe it should be "Hitting the Moon Running"? Or maybe the unexplored and new territories of Mars? This is all new and adventurous territory for us, being our own guys and making things happen.

Anyway, Jack and I had what seems to be a successful presence at the St. Paul Home and Patio Show, as well as the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show…which is great! It was good to meet new people, and  was absolutely great see some old friends and family passing through. It was fun to feel like spring is just around the corner.  Congratulations to Mr. Brudevold and Ms. Pampuch for winning free plans.

I am eager to get the spring season here, albeit a little on the gradual side, in order to ease into the demanding pace of dedicating ourselves to traveling for appointments and burying ourselves in designs and CAD drawings into the wee hours of the night, or maybe the early mornings in Jack’s case. It is always good to have spring come in a steady progression rather than just show up in the front yard one morning.

It is too early to tell, but 2010 and the pioneer voyage could be a fun and successful year.  As our motto goes: “Design is our passion. Service is our solution.” We are now ready to deliver the service we have aspired to this year for our clients, to save them time and money, and put them in very capable and considerate hands. The many pages of our business plan describe it, and now we’re ready to execute it.

First, I will try to complete the plans that I have donated to fundraisers for different worthy causes; the nuns and consociates at St. Catherines, and an orphanage in Rwanda, and hope to proceed to get one that is on the table ready to go first thing this spring. Then, I will proceed to work on the potential graduation party project, the new construction home full of weeds and dirt, team up with a couple of other colleagues on certian projects, and visit the others who had given us snippets of information at the home shows. And off to the races we go!

Here are some samples of one of those potential projects, somewhat of a simpler project on an existing home, which I have illustrated to show how these spaces will work together.

Here’s is to making it a great year, and a year for getting what you need and a good portion of what you had hoped for! Cheers!

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