Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Things – Beyond the Spring Equinox

Happy Spring!  The dirty brown piles of snow are all but gone.  The sun now rises just after 7 AM and sets just before 7:30 PM.  The robins have returned. The red maples are blooming. The crocus flowers, tulips, and other spring bulbs are showing signs of life to make their appearance for a brighter spring. All things begin anew in the landscape. The Minnesota Twins are playing ball in Fort Meyers. Joe Mauer is secured to an 8-year contract extension. The chalk lines on the green grass of the new ballpark are about to be set. The landscape trucks have removed their snow plows (hopefully for good) as they prepare for the coming season. The new season is drawing near.

In preparation for the new growing season, and as landscaping season begins, here are some tips on things to do in the yard as you go outside to get some fresh air:

- Prune trees and summer-flowering shrubs (flowers on new growth after mid June) while still dormant. You have about a week to prune oaks, if you absolutely must, before the running the risk of oak wilt, although it is much easier to identify the dead wood to prune in the late fall.

- If needed, rejuvenate prune shrubs such Japanese and bumald spirea varieties, honeysuckle, smokebush, red twig dogwood, burning bush, and a few others within the next week or so.

- Cut back ornamental grasses to 3” and clear other perennial remnants from the fall, to clear the way for the new growth of newly emerging perennials.

- Plants to refrain from pruning until after bloom: azalea, rhododendron, bridal wreath spirea, crabapple, lilac, chokeberry, magnolia, serviceberry, mockorange, forsythia, sandcherry, and most hydrangeas.

- Rake the yard when it is dry enough, and inspect it for evidence of ailments such as snow mold and lawn fungus, and remove the residues of your beloved pet. Consider the need for dethatching, aerating, and needing to patch or reseed lawn areas as the overnight temperatures continue to rise toward 45-50 degrees. Consider whether to apply a type of pre-emergent or post-emergent weed control measure as you head into the month of April, whether you need to re-seed parts of your lawn will help influence this decision on when and what to use.

- Begin your landscape plans!

(cue the segue…)

It is a good idea to have a landscape professional consult with you, as you review the needs of your property and consider all of your landscape’s potential for 2010. Landscape Design can bring your property to its fullest potential and achieve its fullest value, and maximize the enjoyment that you, your friends, and your family will have at your home. It adds “virtual square footage” to your home and provides a custom outdoor setting where you can experience three of Minnesota’s best seasons in the beauty of the outdoors.

Once again, that’s what Jack and I at Landscape Design Studios are here for. We have the tools and the skills to show the full potential of your own outdoors, and we have a group of amazing professionals to make this potential a magnificent reality.  Please call us and let us show you what we can do to customize your outdoor experience.  Visit us at http://www.landscapedesignstudios.com/.

…And I certainly look forward to doing this over the next 8 years while watching Joe Mauer batting for the MinnsesotaTwins in their new magnificent, custom outdoor ballpark.


Red Maple Blooms.
Mad CAD skills.
Getting the big hits!

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