Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last-Minute Minneapolis Home & Garden Show: "The Scramble"

Jack and I met with a representative from the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show this weekend while at the show in St. Paul, to see how our booth display may or may not accomodate their regulations.  As it turns out, it did not really qualify (actually, except for just the main banner) and they were all but sold out of space. 

However, there were just a couple of spaces left on Monday, and we did decide to secure our small plot at 3:45 PM.  With some phone calls and quick footwork, we compiled our little 10 x 10' oasis of Asian-inspired simple elegance within 36 hours.  It took an investment, but it looks beautiful and we are proud of it.   We'll have a few nice pieces of custom woodwork, a "Silver Creek" slate floor, palms, orchids, night-blooming jasmine, and a projector presentation of what we can offer.

In the context of the entire show, we are not competing for the most elaborate and most expensive display, by any stretch.  There look to be some *amazing* gardens at the show this year.  Some are looking truly amazing, and showcase the limitless imagination of the landscape industry.  I am very excited to see them completed.  Big props to all of their hard work and effort.  Jack and I couldn't help but talk about some of the extravagant "out of the box" ideas we would try if the time comes for us to do a home show garden in the future.

But our superb little piece of real-estate just might get us the attention we're looking for, to help us connect with some good people, showcase some of our offerings, and help to get us on our way.  And, just as importantly, to allow us to help you create the landscape of our dreams with a price you can afford. 

We're hoping for, and looking forward to a good show.  Our 10 x 10' LDS Oasis be at #725.  Hope to see you there!

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