Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Blog Post: “The Launch Pad”

3-2-1 ignition, and we have lift off…

Hello to everyone who might read this, whether friends, family, colleagues, or clients. My name is Dave, and I am sure that most of you may know me in some form or another. I am not sure of exactly what to expect in this blog, or what to tell you to expect, but primarily I intend to use this as a way to submit some design ideas and thoughts about the work that I am currently doing, and to share some “work-in-progress” designs and graphics to show my clients and prospective clients, or to document some of the construction projects that come about throughout the course of the landscape season.

In launching Landscape Design Studios, it comes with a combination of nervous energy, anxiety, and enthusiasm for the new business and all that lies ahead. This leads to some sleepless nights of obsessing over the business model we plan to execute, the marketing strategies we intend to employ, and the prospective clients we pursue and hope to successfully work with in the future. It also leads to investing some hard-earned and saved money, taking the risk and proceeding with confidence that our new business model is what it will take to succeed in 2010, and beyond.

This confidence is supported by the strong belief that what we are doing is best as an advocate for our clients, and for building and nurturing future relations with our clients. We will actively seek to find the best value and the highest standards of executing their project for them through our network of Associated Contractors. It also brings us a great deal of confidence in knowing that our Associated Contractors, many of whom we have worked with in the past and have a high level of respect for, a trusting relationship with, and a friendship with will be looked after in our system, as well. We can be their advocate in making sure that they are rewarded with prompt payment for their prompt work, as well as their high standards of workmanship for our clients. Through all of this, we can all earn a good living as we build Landscape Design Studios and continue to build our reputation and client base, executing our business plan.

It’s all about taking the risk, expanding our capabilities, building our trust, advocating for our clients, taking care of our Associated Contractors, and making our living through a tougher economy. We are poised and positioned to press on and succeed. We have the desire, the plan, the value, the skills, and the talent to offer… now bring on the clients!

We have cleared the launching pad, and now the sky is the limit.

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