Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring? Hellooooo... are you there?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I love Minnesota.  I love the lakes. I love the people. I love the work that I do (especially when there's enough of it and it pays the bills). I love the town I live in.  I love the public school my kids will both attend (an International Baccalaureate school with amazing teachers).  I love the Arts community.  I love the music offerings.  I love the professional sports teams and the enthusiasm behind them.  And, I love the balance of 4 seasons that we get to experience, nicely distributed through the year... Usually!   However, this year's Winter season has been utterly relentless.  Once again, today we topped out in the mid-30's (as it is 34 degrees as I type this with a low expected at 30 degrees tonight).  It even was flurrying again this morning. This is getting ridiculous.

But in spite of the terrible weather and extremely delayed construction season, things have been happening on the computer screens of Landscape Design Studios.  This year has offered some fun design solutions to keep us busy, working for our clients and amongst some fine landscape contractors looking to offer their clients some amazing service this year.  Please take a look below and check out what we can offer.

Anyway, we would love to help you with the project you have been thinking about, if and when the spring and summer finally arrives.   At a glance, we're at least going to be in the mid-60's later this week.  So hopefully things are coming around.

Let us know what we can do for you!



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