Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Pictorial Timeline of the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show 2011

the overview plan from the beginning.  what can we fit into a 20x20 that is interesting and makes a nice billboard to advertise our services and relay the message adequately?

mockup with signs
Dave's final mockup of the design idea.  Looking big picture.
Dave's new brochure cover.
looking for a fire table rock in the mix.
loading up our stone at the rail yard
where it all began.  just a pile of rocks and some sand fabric being brought in on the concrete floor.
setting waterfall rocks
pond liner and first boulders on falls are set.
the night before.  just a few more things to do and we're ready.
day 1 of 5.  we are amped up and ready to go.  we look just like the design picture, only better!
jack kicking back on the last day.
just a bit more stone to take out, as well as liner, and then the sand/mulch/rock pile is taken for screening and composting.

That's how we do it.  :-)


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