Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Big Thaw 2011. Coming Soon: The Big Push

It was over 40 degrees today for the first time since November of 1987 (I am pretty sure) and it felt great.  It looks like it will be 45 tomorrow and 49 on Thursday-!  Although it is still February and this "heat" is not bound to last, I think we will at least get to see the brown grass start to get a little photosynthesis going and will start to turn green, and people will start to realize that we're going to be ready to landscape.  (Oh yes, and pitcher's and catchers are reporting to spring training this Friday.  The ball gloves and baseballs are coming out and arms will be getting loosened up.  The season is getting ready to start.)

Minneapolis Home and Garden Show 2011:
We are getting ready for the Minneapolis Home and Garden show, and we're excited to have an exhibit that will broadcast our unique system more effectively.  We are Booth #1313, and it will have the effect of a 3-D billboard in our 20x20' space that will hope to grab some attention and facilitate good discussions with patrons of the show. 

The simple matter of it is that we value our clients, we respect their precious time and their hard-earned money.  We are here to bring them a design that they'll love, to thoroughly show them it's features with our graphic abilities, and enable them to find a good value and the set of skills that fit their needs and the needs of their project.

Jack is the hipster on the left, Dave is the jet-setter on the right.
We sincerely value the talents of the companies and contractors who have helped nurture our relationships with our clients, our "Associated Contractors" who have delivered a great value to our clients and have followed through with great service and high standards in the delivery of our landscape projects. We appreciate you very much!

Landscape Design Studios, for your business:
We are also excited for the opportunity to help other reputable contractors/landscape installers build their businesses throughout the year in offering our design services.  We enjoy the collaboration and take pride in our designs.  The idea of being able to spend a larger proportion of our time crafting unique, tailored designs for each client is exciting.  Perhaps we can experience a time once again, harkening back to 1999-2003, when we can design 60-90 landscapes a year for an honest fee, helping to get a large portion of them onto the books for installation, and helping to breathe fresh air and life back into the home landscapes of many people throughout the Twin Cities. We believe we can, and we believe it will be fun.  We believe we can build your business in the process.

We love to design.  "Design is our passion.  Service is our solution."   That is our motto.  After all, we are Landscape Design Studios.   

Please connect with us now, and let's get 2011 up and running!


We can start from here...
...And take it all the way to here with our designs.

Is your home and landscape buried in snow?  Why don't we just make a model and show you what it will look like anyway.

Yeah!  We like that.  Let's play ball!

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