Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mission Twenty Eleven: We Are Your Landscape Bounty Hunters. Let's make this a Bountiful year!

Hello and Happy New Year!  2010 started with "The Launch Pad" as we began to get this off the ground and soaring, giving you a glimpse of what it is like to start off on a mission aboard the brand new USS Enterprise we call Landscape Design Studios.  I hope that you at least got to see what goes on, and goes on in the mind of one guy out there, navigating the controls and helping to steer the ship through the remnants of the latest recession like an asteroid field.

(Notice the blatant Star Wars and Star Trek references, as my son is sitting over on the couch next to me playing on a laptop with a Star Wars video game, and is now creating me a portrait of "Boba Fett" the Bounty Hunter.  I might one day regret naming my kids Luke and Lia, as the Star Wars is getting poured on pretty thick these days.) 
Luke's Boba Fett masterpiece.

Jack and I have had a great collaboration as we discuss how to make our talents work for us and for those we work with.  It has been a great pleasure working amongst some of the finest, honest, and most talented people we know in the landscape industry and related trades this past year!  We are here to make your business "live long and prosper" as we give you access to affordable design services, sales services, and project consultation services.  We are your Landscape Bounty Hunters, ready to be sent out on some exciting new missions, and make this year Bountiful!

Give us a call or an email, and let's talk.  After a discussion and a background check, will be ready to get off and running (or designing) for you once you are cleared. 

We look forward to providing great service to our clients this year!  Let's make this a Bountiful year!


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