Monday, August 30, 2010

North Metro Pool Layout, and Initial Landscape Design

Sitting here working like a CAD monkey, sweating in the 88-degree heat while I work in the 3-season room that I have converted into my summer home studio.  Meanwhile, the Minnesota State Fair is going on, and my wife has returned for her first day of school with kids in the classroom today.  The final days of summer are upon us.  But, of course, there are still plenty of days to get your project started and completed, easily before the fall is over.  In fact, the fall is about the best time to do a project and have it ready to be enjoyed all of next year, if not for a few of the last beautiful fall weekends yet this year. 

Here is a design for a space-conscious swimming pool landscape that I just finished, where there are building setbacks to comply with, and the desire to have additional "useable space" in addition to the pool deck.  The pool size is to be 20 x 40, or at least 18 x 36, as a rectangle with an auto-cover.  There are to be places to sit and sun around the pool deck.  The circular fire pit in the design is existing, and has been integrated into the pool landscape as a "lower terrace" as there is about 23" of grade from the back sliding door to the fire pit.  So this allows the pool deck to step down to another terrace with the fire pit patio as a secondary area. Having this recessed terrace makes the space feel more open and improves the views from the around the pool out to the lake.

Here are existing views of the back yard:

Here are the design graphics for the pool, as the design is in-progress and waiting for the next round of discussions with the client. 
Once we discuss and implement the feedback, I will begin to flush out more and more detail into the plan, including the full plant selection, the hardscape details, and a grading plan in the set of drawings. These drawings will then be used to get approval from the city for the permit process, and then I will set out to gather competitive bids on their behalf. This will be a fun project, as it will be a major transformation of their back yard and give them lots of enjoyment for years to come. It's pretty exciting!.... And I sure could use a large 20 x 40' pool to do a large "cannon ball" into right now. That would feel pretty good... right... about... NOW!

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